Risk Management and Insurance Program

Vision and Mission Statement

The mission of the Risk Management and Insurance Program (RM&I) of the Belk College of Business at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte is to play an integral role in helping the College and University fulfill their missions and goals. The focus of the program is to provide an outstanding educational opportunity for students enrolled in the program. The RM&I program is designed to promote excellence in learning, teaching and research.


  • To provide excellence in the classroom teaching of risk management and insurance; 
  • To produce current and important research covering all aspects of risk management and insurance; 
  • To promote a cooperative environment with the local, state, national and international risk management and insurance industry and regulators; 
  • To create and promote opportunities for internships, employment and other interaction between practitioners and students; 
  • To be a recognized resource of risk management and insurance expertise for the insurance industry, the North Carolina state legislature and administrative branches of the state, and for the federal government. 

Academic Value

The study of insurance is a way to accomplish the following goals: 

  • To encourage critical thinking, including moral and ethical reasoning. 
  • To facilitate the ability to use language effectively. 
  • To aid understanding human behavior. 
  • To provide understanding of the causes and effects of important societal problems. 
  • To integrate knowledge across broad areas including mathematics, social science, philosophy, law, natural science, and economics. 
  • To integrate knowledge across the business curriculum including: marketing, finance, accounting, management, and management information systems.

Contact Information

Department phone 704-687-5375

Advising phone 704-687-7585

Fax 704-687-1384

Department Chair:
Dr. I-Hsuan Ethan Chiang

Department Coordinator:
Anye'a Pinnock

Academic Advisor:
Ms. Kim Lawrence