Elizabeth Delmelle

Faculty Affiliate - Assistant Professor of Geography
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Dr. Delmelle’s research interests lie within two general fields of application: urban and neighborhood dynamics and urban transportation. Her work on neighborhood dynamics has sought to understand how and why neighborhoods change according to their multidimensional quality of life or socioeconomic complexion. This research has employed a variety of statistical and computational techniques to understand space-time-multidimesional patterns of change and to disentangle the drivers of change.


Urban and Neighborhood Dynamics
Urban Transportation
Spatial Analysis and Modeling
Geographic Information Science




Delmelle, Elizabeth C., Yuhong Zhou, and Jean-Claude Thill. "Densification without Growth Management? Evidence from Local Land Development and Housing Trends in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA." Sustainability 6.6 (2014): 3975-90.

The analysis of development and housing trends in Mecklenburg County revealed that although the number of developments have steadily increased, the amount of land consumed by each parcel has decreased over the examined time period.  This transition was due to the revitalization of the Urban Core and “Smart Growth” principles applied to high intensity suburban developments.  The shift was not mandated by local governments but was a direct response to developers’ profit potential.