Eric Delmelle

Faculty Affiliate - Assistant Professor of Geography
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Dr. Delmelle’s research focuses on answering fundamental questions where spatial methodologies are critical. His research tries to answer two critical questions, namely (1) where to locate additional public facilities (e.g. schools, hospitals) to a set of existing facilities, and (2) which existing facilities should be removed to minimize overlapping service redundancy such as transit bus stops for instance. Common to these research questions is the challenge to find ways of effectively using existing information on facility locations to guide the addition/deletion of facilities with the underlying motivation of creating more efficiency in location decisions.



Yan, Sisi, Eric Delmelle, and Mike Duncan. "The impact of a new light rail system on single-family property values in Charlotte, North Carolina." Journal of Transport and Land Use 5.2 (2012).

The research indicates that the new light rail system did not significantly affect single-family property values until it began actual operations.  Values for homes a mile away were greater than homes located within a quarter mile, this gap decreased as the light rail went from planning stages to operation.  These observations followed the observed trend that suggests a greater desirability to live closer to a light rail station as the transit system becomes operational.