Musab Kurnaz

Musab Kurnaz photo
Assistant Professor of Economics
Friday 217A

Musab Kurnaz joined the Belk College of Business in August 2018. Before joining the Belk College, Kurnaz earned his Ph.D. in economics from Carnegie Mellon University and began his career as an assistant professor of economics at Koç University in Istanbul, Turkey. Kurnaz’s research focuses on optimal policy design. One of Kurnaz’s research articles, on how technological change should alter the optimal income taxation, was published in the American Economic Review. Kurnaz also studies optimal income taxation of families in an environment where parents bear child-rearing costs. He particularly focuses on the optimal design of child tax credits which improves social welfare of the US economy. In another ongoing research project, he is studying the impact of taxation on the decisions of parents with different social status affecting children’s economic outcomes. He extends this work to figure out stationary optimal income taxation.