Nicole Strah

Assistant Professor of Management
Friday 240C

Nicole (Nikki) Strah is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Management and an affiliate faculty member of UNCC's Organizational Science Ph.D. program and Industrial/Organizational Psychology Master's program. Her research interests revolve around diversity and inclusion, perceptions of justice and fairness, and the intersection between psychology and equal employment opportunities. She has published her work in journals such as the *Journal of Applied Psychology*, the *Journal of Vocational Behavior*, and *Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice*. She teaches both undergraduate and MBA courses at UNCC.

Selected Publications:

*Strah, N.*, Rupp, D. E., & Cannon, J. (2023). Adverse impact and
disability status: Working toward inclusive selection procedures for
individuals with disabilities. *Research in Human Resource Management.*

Graso, M., Aquino, K., Chen, F. X., Camps, J., *Strah, N.*, & van den Bos,
K. (2022). When do observers deprioritize due process for the perpetrator
and prioritize safety for the victim in response to information-poor
allegations of harm?. *Psychological Science*.

*Strah, N.*, & Rupp, D. E. (2022). Are there cracks in our foundation? An
integrative review of diversity issues in job analysis. *Journal of Applied
Psychology, 107*(7), 1031–1051.

Busby, A. D., Thornton-Lugo, M. A., Parker, L., & *Strah, N.* (2022). What
Can Go Wrong When Everything is Right? Using Organizational Justice to
Understand Police Misconduct and Improve Personnel Systems. *Personnel
Assessment and Decisions*, 8(2), Article 6.

*Strah, N.*, Rupp, D., & Morris, S. (2022). Job analysis and job
classification for addressing pay inequality in organizations: Adjusting
our methods within a shifting legal landscape. Industrial and
Organizational Psychology, 15(1), 1-45. doi:10.1017/iop.2021.94.

Rupp*, D. E., Song*, Q. C., & *Strah*, N.* (2020). Resolution to the
validity-diversity trade-off? Exploring the practicalities and legal
defensibility of Pareto-optimization for reducing adverse impact within
personnel selection. *Industrial and Organizational Psychology:
Perspectives on Science and Practice*, 13(2), 246-271.
doi:10.1017/iop.2020.19. *equal authorship.

Graso, M., Camps, J., *Strah, N.*, & Brebels, L. (2019). Organizational
justice enactment: An agent-focused review and path forward, 116, 1-23 *Journal
of Vocational Behavior.**.*

Santuzzi, A., Keating, R. T., Martinez, J., Finkelstein, L., Rupp, D.
E., & *Strah,
N.* (2019). Identity management strategies for workers with concealable
disabilities: Antecedents and consequences. *Journal of Social Issues*,
75(3), 847-880.