Suzanne Leland

Faculty Affiliate - Professor of Political Science & Public Administration
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Dr. Leland is an expert on city-county consolidation and public transportation policy and her recent research focuses on the role of public-private partnership in real estate development as well as understands planners’ and economic developers’ perceptions regarding land-use regulations. Dr. Leland is the Director of the Masters in Public Administration program.


State and Local Government
Urban Policy
Public Administration
Transportation Governance
School Choice



Leland, S. & Read, D., Wittry, M.  (2014). "Analyzing the Perceived Benefits of LEED and Energy Star-Certified Buildings in the Realm of Local Economic Development." Economic Development Quarterly.

The results show that LEED and Energy Star buildings are viewed more favorable by local economic developers who work in areas with a large populous and a thriving economy.  Women were more likely than men to recognize these buildings as having a positive benefit on economic recruitment.