Aleksandr Wittemann

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Major(s): International Business, Finance, and Spanish

Anticipated Graduation Date: 2022

What helpful advice would you share with others?

My advice for others would be to step outside of your comfort zone as much as possible. I feel that when we push ourselves, we are able to really experience life to its fullest.

What do you enjoy?

I enjoy traveling, spending time with friends and family, being outdoors, and trying new foods. I also love sports and root for all of the local Carolina teams and UNC Charlotte teams. 

Aleksandr Wittemann
International Business

What is your long-term goal and how is the Belk College helping you achieve this? 

My long-term goal is to help people achieve financial success on a global scale, as our economies become increasingly more connected. The Belk College is helping me achieve that goal by making our classrooms feel like the world itself. 

Why are you interested in International Business and Finance? 

My love for International Business stems from my love for travel and new experiences. I love meeting new people, trying new foods, and experiencing cultures different from mine. I became interested in Finance because of my fascination with cryptocurrency and how it is changing our society. Ultimately, I feel that there is a new niche in business that will become increasingly important - the role of money in our interconnected world. 

How did you choose UNC Charlotte? 

My path to UNC Charlotte is an uncommon one. I was homeschooled and graduated in a co-op with six other students in Davidson, NC. I toured other well-established universities in North Carolina, and it made the most sense to stay in the state's business hub while attending the school with one of my favorite campuses. I felt UNC Charlotte would allow me to seamlessly transition from college to being a professional based on everything the city offers.  

What did you learn from your experience abroad in Spain?

Studying abroad is something that everyone should do as a student. I learned how to navigate another country and adapt to living in another country. I learned a lot about myself as I pushed myself to leave my comfort zone. I loved Spain and Europe in general, and it made me excited to see what more of the world has to offer. 

What do you enjoy about being a Peer Advisor? 

I advise first-year and second-year students on their class schedules and different ways to get involved and achieve academic success within the Belk College of Business. I enjoy working with other students and sharing my personal experiences. I love being a part of a team of other great peer advisors and helping out the Academic and Career Coaches. 

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