Kiplan Womack

What was your interest in joining UNC Charlotte and the Belk College of Business?

My interest was largely due to the College’s extraordinary commitment to real estate education and research. In addition, the leadership and vision of the college under Dean Ott and Associate Dean Buttimer was an important factor.

Kiplan Womack
Dr. Kiplan S. Womack is an Assistant Professor of Real Estate in the Belk College of Business at the University of North Carolina Charlotte in the Department of Finance. His research focuses on applying the principles of financial option pricing to the valuation of real estate (real options), land values, development, redevelopment, as well as corporate finance issues (particularly mergers and acquisitions) faced by Real Estate Investment Trusts. Dr. Womack earned a Ph.D. in real estate from the University of Georgia, an MBA from the University of Alabama-Birmingham, a B.S. degree in finance from Auburn University, and has over 10 years of professional experience in corporate finance and real estate.
What are your areas of expertise?

I have two primary areas of expertise: real estate and corporate finance. To be a little more specific, in regards to real estate I would say my areas of expertise are: finance, land values, development, redevelopment, price indices, and REITs. In regards to corporate finance, my major area of emphasis is mergers and acquisitions.

What are some of the opportunities you envision to utilize your expertise at UNC Charlotte and the Charlotte community (and beyond)?  

I am excited about being a part of the Center for Real Estate, which works with trade organizations, businesses leaders, and policymakers both in Charlotte and beyond on emerging real estate issues.

What kind of classes do you teach?

Real estate is my core subject area. Accordingly, I will teach real estate finance, development, and capital markets during my first year at UNC Charlotte.

What has your (published) research uncovered thus far and where has it been published? What research is in progress?

My current research is focused on valuing real options in real estate and examining mergers and acquisitions. In regards to the former, my research proposes methods in which the various real options embedded within real estate prices can be valued. In regards to the latter, a major theme from my research is that analyzing these transactions is more complicated than previously thought, where factors such as omitted variable bias and endogeneity can significantly influence the outcome from empirical models.

I have published journal articles in Real Estate Economics, Journal of Real Estate Finance & Economics, Regional Science and Urban Economics, Real Estate Finance, and Journal of Real Estate Literature.

How do you plan to work with Charlotte groups/businesses/leaders?

In addition to being involved with the Center for Real Estate and its various activities, I plan to engage local private and public organizations via class projects and visiting speakers to create a more meaningful relevant educational experience for the students, while at the same time perhaps helping local organizations address real estate issues.

Anything else to add?

Prior to earning a doctorate, I worked about 10 years in various real estate and corporate finance positions. This experience translates well into the classroom as well as in my research.

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