Belk College reminds students of closed-class policy

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Belk College Advising Center has issued a reminder that students will not be added to any closed classes, but shares several strategies that will increase a student’s chance of adding a course that is currently closed:

1. Continue to monitor the online Schedule of Classes. Sometimes students will drop a class the closer it gets to the beginning of the semester.

2. Check the online Schedule of Classes more frequently 3-5 days before the first day of classes, August 20. Students are paying more attention to their schedules on these days because classes begin in the next few days.

3. Check the Schedule of Classes after August 22. The due date for the payment of tuition and fees is August 22. Students that have not paid their tuition and fees by this date will be dropped from their classes that evening.

4. Please note the last date to add a course for the Fall semester is August 29.

The only exceptions to this policy are made for students who will be graduating in December. These students need to see Dr. Kerr, Director of Undergraduate Student Affairs (contact the Advising Center for an appointment) or, in the case of graduate students, the appropriate program coordinator. Documentation will need to be provided to Dr. Kerr or the program coordinator indicating that all other requirements are met for graduation.