Dean Jennifer Troyer: How institutions are adapting with demand

Tuesday, August 9, 2022
Troyer discusses how the Belk College is adapting to modern employer trends

In a global, ever-changing world, it is vital for higher education institutions to innovate and get creative in order to attract new students. Jennifer Troyer, dean of the Belk College of Business, recently sat down with Abby Melone, president and CEO of Capital Analytics, to share her insights on how UNC Charlotte is tackling this issue. 

Teaching transferable skills such as critical and strategic thinking, effective communication, cultural awareness and global competency help to ensure success long after the student leaves the classroom. 

“We like to say we’re teaching students to learn how to learn, to be lifelong learners,” said Troyer. “Preparing students to thrive in a changing world is a core part of what we are doing here at UNC Charlotte.”  

The Belk College of Business works to provide globally networked learning coursework opportunities to students, while also partnering with businesses to create immersive learning experiences. Troyer also described several graduate-level programs the Belk College of Business is developing in direct response to industry needs. 

Watch the video to learn more about how the Belk College is adapting to meet the needs of today’s students.