10 years developing Charlotte’s real estate leaders

MSRE graduating class of 2023 with program director, Daniel Wright
Tuesday, May 16, 2023

In only a decade, UNC Charlotte’s Master of Science in Real Estate (MSRE) has had a tremendous impact on the lives of its students and the community.

program director Daniel WrightThese results were in no way an accident. "University leaders foresaw the city’s ability to attract business and industry, and recognized this as a driver of continued real estate development. So, there existed an outstanding opportunity to develop a unique graduate program — the only one in North Carolina — to meet the region’s workforce demands." said program director Daniel Wright.

Peter Stipicevic ’18The MSRE also has a lot going for it beyond its strategic location in the city of Charlotte. One thing that sets the program apart is its Student-Managed Real Estate Investment Fund. Each semester this hands-on course provides eight to 12 students with the experience of managing actual investments in private real estate securities. “I have the ability to source and manage real estate projects that I’m passionate about,” said MSRE alumnus Peter Stipicevic ’18. “Charlotte’s MSRE program cultivated my ability to recognize what makes a real estate opportunity compelling.” 

Graduates of the MSRE program often go on to impact their communities.  The program’s interdisciplinary curriculum exposes students to critical issues such as urban sprawl, gentrification, housing affordability, environmental remediation, smart growth, transit and transportation considerations and historic preservation.   

Alyson Craig ‘13Alyson Craig ‘13, one of the first graduates of the MSRE program, is working to make Charlotte  a better place to live and work as  the city’s interim planning director. With the help of her team, Alyson spearheaded the city’s adoption of its first comprehensive planning document in 45 years and helped create an inaugural Unified Development Ordinance adopted by the Charlotte City Council in August 2022. “The MSRE program provides a pipeline of talent for the Charlotte real estate community,” said Craig. “Not only do these students come to their employers well-educated in real estate fundamentals, but they have had the chance to build critical relationships in the community through the program’s networking and mentoring opportunities.”

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MSRE Fast Facts

Over $87,000 average first year salary

125 MSRE graduates

1000% employee rate for MSRE graduates