David Sinclair

David Sinclair
Assistant Director of Professional Development and Honors Programs

I support the Business Honors and Belk Scholars programs as well as the Professional Development team in the Niblock Student Center. In addition to teaching BHP courses, I also serve as a sounding board, mentor, and general resource to the BHP student population.


New York University, B.F.A. (Drama) with a concentration in Acting; University of Nevada, Las Vegas, M.A. in Urban Leadership

Advice to Students

Schedule regular breaks to engage in either relaxing activities or unstructured time to help you destress and give your brain a chance to process all the information and experiences you’re gaining at Charlotte. You might be surprised that your best ideas, deepest insights, or novel connections arise while you’re not actively thinking about course material.

About Me

I am a researcher in community nutrition and food systems who also loves to eat! I also enjoy interacting with students and helping them grow into who they ultimately want to become.