Belk College Brand Update 2021 - Frequently Asked Questions

Belk College Logo

How can I get new letterhead/envelopes, etc. for our department in Belk College?
Belk College department coordinators are trained to use the same system and process for ordering stationery items, including letterhead, envelopes and business cards. The new brand will be reflected upon the new materials.

How do I get the new logo for my own website/social media/materials?
Watch for updates on the Business Niner Brand Ambassador Toolkit (updates are routinely added). It will contain more information on the Belk College logo, including ways to apply it to your own materials. 

Can I continue to use old inventory that has the crown until my new materials arrive? 
Yes, you are welcome to continue using items with the crown until your updated materials arrive. However, you are asked to use updated materials as soon as convenient, especially with students and external partners. We realize the prior crown logo will be visible on old materials, so it is allowed during this transition time. This is a way for us as Business Niners to be fiscally responsible.

What templates are available with the new Belk College logo?
Templates updated with the new logo are available on the Belk College Brand Toolkit. These will include a Google doc, Google slides, Zoom backgrounds and more.

How do I order Belk College branded items (other than stationary)?
If you are developing or need new branded items, such as promotional materials or signage, please connect with the Belk College External Relations team for support and guidance:

I see there are different versions of the new logo. How do I know which to use?
As before, we have a university logo as well as a college version. The Belk College and the University will provide usage guidance on the different versions, and what options are available. Details are available through the Belk College Brand Toolkit.

If you need specific guidance or have a unique need, please contact the Belk College external relations team:

For more information, visit the University FAQs.