Carol Stivender

Clinical Professor of Economics
Friday 219D

Dr. Carol Stivender joined the Belk College faculty in 2001 and teaches in the undergraduate and graduate programs. Her research interests include public policies related to income inequality, poverty, and other social issues. Dr. Stivender’s courses include Econometrics, Economics of Social Issues, Principles of Macro/Microeconomics, Managerial Economics, International Business Economics, and the capstone Senior Seminar for Economics majors.


Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Charlotte
M.S., University of North Carolina at Charlotte
B.A., Lenoir Rhyne College


Public Policy: Social Policy
Poverty/Income Inequality
Data Analysis

About my research:

My research focuses on public policies and their effects on various segments of the population. I am very interested in socioeconomic outcomes, including poverty, income inequality and racial/gender issues.

My advice to students:

In my experience, the keys are to trust your faculty, play an active role in your cohort, and keep your eye on the big picture. In this program, approach every topic with the understanding that business is about people. Making an effort to always look for the human connection makes everything more real, and more important.

Why consider an M.S. in Management:

This program is a great way for non-business majors to spend less than a year developing business skills that can be useful in almost every discipline at some level. An understanding of accounting, finance, economics and personnel/project management will add a valuable layer of depth for engineers, mathematicians, programmers, and those trained in healthcare, the arts, and social sciences.

About me:

My guilty pleasure is binge-watching! I love episodic TV, and often do my best work with the TV on (in fact, I'm bingeing "Homeland" as I write this). If that's not bad enough, I actively proselytize my favorite shows to others, and won't leave them alone until they watch. So, if you're looking for a show recommendation, see me after class!