Jim Boylan

What advice do you have for current Belk College students?

My advice to current Belk College students is first and foremost be genuine. Be the person who you are and don’t try to fit into a mold defined by someone else. Your uniqueness is what makes you special. Be open to meeting new people, exploring new opportunities and taking some risk. Finally, be humble, treat others as you want to be treated, and enjoy life.

Honorary Alumnus
2018 Honorary Alumnus Jim Boylan chose to become engaged and support of the Belk College because, “I was and continue to be impressed with high quality student and graduate talent, as well as the leadership of both the College and the University.”

What is your relationship to the Belk College of Business?

I am currently on the Board of Advisors for the Belk College of Business as well as the Women in Business Initiative.

Why have you chosen to support the Belk College?

In 2013, I relocated to Charlotte as the Head of Human Resources in support of MetLife’s relocation of its Retail Business. Having a significant number of roles to fill, I was fortunate to develop a relationship with UNC Charlotte and the Belk College. I was and continue to be impressed with high quality student and graduate talent, as well as the leadership of both the College and the University.

What role does the Belk College play in the business community?

The Belk College plays a significant role in the business community through its offering of training and development opportunities, partnering with businesses on civic initiatives, but most critical, preparing talent to join Charlotte businesses and become future leaders of those organizations.

What is your current role?

After a 37-year career with MetLife both in Human Resources and Law, I retired in May 2017. I remain active in the Belk College Board of Advisors, the Charlotte 49er Athletic Foundation Board, and the board of the Augustine Literacy Project.

What is the importance of giving back to you in terms of time, talent or treasures?

I believe it is very important to give back through your time, talents and treasures. We have all had someone help us in some way throughout our lives. You will find that giving back will provide you with a tremendous sense of satisfaction and your impact on others will be long lasting.

Anything else you’d like to say about UNC Charlotte or the Belk College of Business?

It is an incredible honor to be named an honorary alumnus of the Belk College of Business. Since I first stepped foot on campus it has felt like home to me.  The quality of the people who lead and support this University is second to none.  Dean Ott is a great example of an outstanding leader and an individual who cares about people.  That combination is what sets the Belk College and UNC Charlotte apart from the rest. Go Niners!

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