Katelyn Price

Hometown: Cornelius, NC

Major(s): Business Analytics and Marketing Analytics

Anticipated Graduation Date: 2024

What advice have you received that you would share with others?

I was told once that everything is what you make out of it, and I live by that now. 

What do you enjoy?

I love being around my friends and family! I enjoy weightlifting and going to the gym. I also love working because I like feeling productive. 

Katelyn Price
Business Analytics
Master of Science in Data Science and Business Analytics

What do you want your legacy to be? 

I want to be known as someone who inspires people. I want to show young people that you can achieve your dreams with the right attitude, mindset, and motivation. 

Why are you interested in business and marketing analytics? 

I grew up loving business and knowing I would go into business somehow. I was a kid working lemonade stands and helping out in concessions for school games because I loved talking to people and selling them things. When trying to decide what to do for business, I fell in love with analyzing data and using it for marketing strategies late in high school. It interested me because there are so many different things you can do with a business degree, and I know it will be impossible not to find a career I love! 

How is the Belk Scholars program preparing you for what you want to do? 

I absolutely love the Belk Scholars program. This program surrounds me with peers who have similar interests, which definitely helps me grow as a student. I am forever grateful for the opportunities provided through this program, and it has aided in strengthening my data analytic skills. 

What is your long term goal and how is the Belk College helping you achieve this? 

My long term goal is to get my MS in Data Science in Business Analytics. The Belk College of Business has provided me with opportunities I didn’t even know I needed. For example, I was having trouble with my LinkedIn, and it was very easy for me to find the help I needed! This helped me with my application processes for internships! 

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