Pat Mynatt

What is something others might not know about the Belk College of Business?

Many people do not know that the Belk College of Business has the second largest undergraduate business program in the state of North Carolina. We currently have almost 3,900 undergraduate business students enrolled in the college in a variety of majors.

Pat Mynatt
Pat Mynatt, Ph.D., is the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs and Clinical Professor of Accounting.
When did you join the Belk College of Business?

I served on the faculty for 10 years during a previous stint with the Belk College, and I rejoined the faculty in 2010. The University has grown tremendously since I first joined the Belk College. It has been an exciting time for faculty and students.

What roles have you served in the college? 

During my time with the Belk College, I have served as a member of the accounting faculty. In July 2015, I accepted my current role as Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs.

What does your current role involve?

As Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs, I have the opportunity to work with faculty and staff within the college and across campus. The work I am involved in is varied and relates to undergraduate curriculum innovation, program assessment, improved support services for students, as well as other areas.

What is most rewarding about your leadership role in the Belk College of Business?

It is very rewarding to support faculty and staff in the work they do with our undergraduate students. Personal interactions with our students, whether they serve as leaders of a student organization, scholarship recipients, peer advisors, or in other roles, are also rewarding. We were very pleased to receive a gift from Robert A. Niblock, which is allowing us to increase our engagement with students. In a newly renovated space, set to open in the fall of 2017, we will be able to deliver more integrated academic and career coaching and professional development programming.

Describe your major area of expertise as a faculty member. 

My research and teaching interests are in the area of financial accounting and reporting. I have focused my research on reporting by public companies. My co-authors and I have addressed questions, for example, related to the reporting of company leases and the reporting of uncertain tax positions.

What have been some of your greatest faculty moments so far in your career?

The most rewarding moments for me have been observing students as they connect with material in the classroom. It is a pleasure as well to see alumni again and hear about the work they are excited to be doing and about their career accomplishments.

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