Leading for Impact: A Science-Based Approach

Leading for Impact: A Science-Based Approach

Leading for Impact: A Science-Based Approach

A complimentary, four-part series 

The Center for Leadership Science is redefining leadership using scientific knowledge. The Center leverages open, robust and replicable science to: 

  • Train leader behaviors that are effective regardless of background
  • Improve systems within organizations to aid all leadership levels.

Join us for a four-part series facilitated by eight UNC Charlotte faculty with expertise in ethics, emotions, inclusion, gender and race, family and work dynamics and social media analysis.

The in-person series is complimentary, though advance registration is appreciated.  Guests who attend at least three of the four sessions will receive a certificate of completion for the Leading for Impact: A Science-Based Approach series.

The Dubois Center at UNC Charlotte Center City

  • 9 – 9:30 a.m.  Coffee, light refreshments and networking
  • 9:30 – 10:30 a.m.  Presentation 

The Role of Social Skills in Leadership - They May Not Work the Way you Think

Friday, April 12, 2024 

Dr. Eric HeggestadOf the characteristics organizations desire in employees (and leaders), social skills are often near the top of the list. But what are social skills and how are they important for leadership? Join us to discuss exciting new insights from our research on how social skills can help a leader be more effective, and why followers' perceptions of a leader's social skills matter. You’ll also learn tips for how you can signal to others that you are skilled socially. 

Key Takeaways: Audience members will learn what social skills are and are not. Challenge yourself to think about how social skills function in leadership and how a leader's social skills can be developed.

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Expert: Dr. Eric Heggestad, Professor, Department of Psychological Science 

Eric Heggestad, Ph.D., is a professor in the Department of Psychological Science. He joined the University in 2005 after working for the Air Force Research Laboratory and Colorado State University. He is an industrial and organizational psychologist, focusing on applying principles of psychology in the workplace.



Past Sessions

Gender at Work: The Role of Male Leaders as Powerful Allies

Friday, October 20, 2023

Learn a set of key organizational and individual practices that are necessary to jumpstart gender equality in the workplace, with a particular focus on how men's actions matter greatly for equality.

Meet with Success: Evidence-Based Ways to Create Effective, Engaging and Inclusive Meetings

Friday, November 3, 2023

Learn what we know about virtual, hybrid, and face-to-face meetings from an evidence-based perspective and gain knowledge and resources on how to effectively lead meetings to promote engagement and inclusion. 

  • ExpertDr. Steven Rogelberg, author of "The Surprising Science of Meetings: How You Can Lead Your Team to Peak Performance"

Leveraging AI and Data Visualization for Effective Leadership

Friday, February 2, 2024

Learn about the critical challenges faced by first time leaders and how artificial intelligence, machine learning and visualization techniques offer new innovations for understanding and assessing leaders.