Peer Advisors

Fall 2023 Peer AdvisorsBelk College of Business Peer Advisors support undergraduate Pre-Business Administration, Pre-Accounting, and Pre-Economics students by:

  • Offering supplemental academic advising
  • Helping all pre-major students understand the major declaration requirements and process
  • Clarifying their academic and career goals
  • Providing mentoring to students classified as at-risk by the university
  • Assisting students in their transition by helping them discover and connect to involvement opportunities both inside and outside the Belk College of Business.

Peer Advisors are declared Belk College of Business students who work to support undergraduate students as they progress through the pre-major curriculum.

Peer Advisors offer 20 minute appointments through the CONNECT advising platform to Pre-Business Administration, Pre-Accounting, and Pre-Economics students. Peer Advisors also help the Academic and Career Coaching team facilitate Freshman Group Coaching sessions and support the college at recruitment and prospective student events.

Peer Advisors can help you with the following:

  • Provide academic advising to Pre-Business Administration, Pre-Accounting, and Pre-Economics students. 

  • Understand the major declaration of major requirements and how to declare your major.

  • Connect students to academic support resources who may be struggling in academic coursework. 

  • Assist first-year students with their transition to UNC Charlotte and to the Belk College of Business. 

  • Connect students to involvement opportunities in the Belk College of Business and across campus.

To make an appointment with a Peer Advisor follow the simple steps below: 

  • Login to your page. 

  • On your student homepage, select the Connect link.

  • Click Make an Appointment for Advising  and a series of drop down menus will appear. 

Choose Peer Advising and then select Niblock Student Center, Virtual.


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