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Working Papers:

Hernández Linares, R., Lopez Fernandez, M. C. & Kellermanns, F. W.  Entrepreneurial orientation and firm performance in a context of crisis. The moderating role of board gender diversity. 

Wachter M., Mueller, M. & Kellermanns, F. W. Performance effects of owner diversity. 

Eddleston, K., Kellermanns, F.W., Madison, K. & Powell, G. Does “family similarity” matter? Exploring relational demography and gender in family firms. 

Upcoming presentations:

Bilotta, I., King, E., Tonidandel, S., Corrington, A., King, D., Hebl, M., Annual meeting of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, "Minority students’ resilience in STEM," SIOP, Austin, TX. (April 2020).

Bilotta, I., Corrington, A., King, E., Hebl, M., Tonidandel, S., Annual meeting of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, "The presence and role of allies for minority undergraduate students in STEM," SIOP, Austin, TX. (April 2020).