Faculty and Staff Diversity and Inclusion Resources

Community DEI Toolkit

UNC Charlotte's Community DEI Toolkit is a growing online repository of resources and ideas created to foster learning, support active dialogue, and encourage you to stay engaged around topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion. This toolkit is also designed to promote self-awareness, reflection, and self-care as you navigate your own cultural humility journey. As you explore the list of resources, we encourage you to share the toolkit, submit recommendations of your own, and stay engaged.

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Developed in partnership between the Belk College of Business Diversity Committee and the co-chairs of the 2020-21 Belk College Racial Diversity Task Force, the Racial Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Toolkit was developed to provide Belk College faculty and staff with ideas on how to create an inclusive learning environment for students, while also presenting ideas and recommendations on how to be more inclusive as professionals. This resource is also available as a part of the university-level Community DEI Toolkit, under Teaching Resources for Educators.