Non-Business Students


Current UNC Charlotte non business majors wishing to enroll in a Business course should first speak with their academic department regarding the requirements for eligibility and to submit a request for authorization. 

All VISITING students should contact the Office of Undergraduate Programs, Undergraduate Programs Manager for assistance.

All non-business and visiting authorization requests will be reviewed and processed by the Belk College of Business Undergraduate Programs Manager.

Note: If you are declaring/adding a Business major/minor, please follow the steps below for the Change of Major and Minor Declaration processes. Access to register for upper level business courses is not provided during this process.

Change of Major

Current students at UNC Charlotte who wish to declare a major in the Belk College of Business must meet all eligibility requirements (listed below) and complete the change of major process.  The Belk College Change of Major process includes the completion of canvas modules and a meeting with an Academic and Career Coach. Please see listing below to begin the process:


In order to be invited to complete the modules and to be eligible to declare a business major, the following requirements must be met and reflected on the academic transcript:

  • Earn a minimum of 24 credit hours at UNC Charlotte
  • Earn a minimum 2.50 cumulative GPA at UNC Charlotte
  • Earn a minimum 2.50 cumulative in Progression courses completed*
  • Earn a minimum grade of “C” in at least two of the Progression Courses within two attempts (one course must be MATH1120 or equivalent or STAT1220 or equivalent)*

*Per University Policy, a grade of Pass (P) from Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 will not meet progression requirements for any courses for which a C or higher is required. 

Additional Notes

  • Progression Courses, and their equivalents, include: ACCT 2121 and 2122, BUSN 1101, ECON 2101 and 2102, INFO 2130, MATH 1120/1121/1241, and STAT 1220/1221/1222
  • Students with outstanding “D’s” or “F’s” in Progression Courses, or equivalents, are not eligible to declare a major.
  • BUSN1101 at UNC Charlotte is restricted to students in the Belk College of Business. BUSN1101 is included as a progression course for students who have received transfer credit for the course.
  • Students who have completed ECON 1101 with a D or F do not need to retake the course to be admitted into the College of Business but must complete ECON 2101 OR ECON 2102 with a C or better before they would be eligible to declare a Business major.
  • All attempts in courses count toward the GPA (cumulative and progression) unless a grade replacement is used.
  • Note that the requirements to declare Economics with a Liberal Arts Concentration differ from those of other majors. See the Catalog for more information.
  • Transfer Exception: Transfer students may change into the Belk College of Business prior to earning 24 credit hours at UNC Charlotte if they:
    • Earn 12 hours or more at UNC Charlotte, complete 60 total earned hours, hold a minimum 3.0 UNC Charlotte cumulative GPA, and complete at least five of the progression courses with at least a 2.50 progression GPA. (Not including BUSN 1101, if taken; one course must be MATH1120 or equivalent, or STAT1220 or equivalent.)

Change of Major Request

The Belk College Change of Major process includes the completion of online canvas modules and a meeting with an Academic and Career Coach. 

**The form will be closed March 25–April 9, 2024.**

Belk College of Business Change of Major Request

*Please be sure you review the eligibility information prior to requesting access.

In the event that you do not meet the requirements to change to business at this time, please contact the University Advising Center (UCOL) in Colvard 2200 for advising during your transition phase. The University Advising Center will be able to guide you on what classes to take this semester in preparation for your transfer to Business. The University Advising Center does offer walk in advising, please contact at 704-687-7717 or for open hours.

Laptop Policy

Starting in Fall 2020, all incoming students and all upper-level business students are required to have their own personal laptop computer.

Learn more about the laptop policy here.

Declaration of minor

(Non-Belk College Majors Only)

An online application is required for any non-Belk College majors who wish to declare a minor in Economics, Management Information Systems or Operations & Supply Chain Management. Students must meet all pre-requisite requirements on this form. Current business majors can declare a business minor by contacting their Academic and Career Coach. 

Belk College of Business Minor Declaration Request