Below are links to forms that students may need to complete as part of their registration process in the Belk College.  Students should visit the Office of the Registrar website for forms that are used University-wide.

Repeat Authorization Form

(Current Belk College Majors Only)

Click Here to Request a Repeat Authorization for Summer 2021

Click Here to Request a Repeat Authorization for Fall 2021

For current Belk College students only who earned a D or above in a course and plan to retake it in the summer session or upcoming semester. Repeat authorization is not the same as grade replacement.  See this link for grade replacement information.

Declaration of Major Form 

This is an online request for current Belk College Pre-Business, Pre-Economics, and Pre-Accounting majors who are eligible to declare their majors. Students must meet ALL declaration requirements for their form to be processed. Business students that are already declared can make major changes by contacting their Academic and Career Coach. Non-Belk College of Business students who want to become a business major should attend a Change of Major Workshop.

Declaration of Minor Application 

(Non-Belk College Majors Only)

This online application is required for non-Belk College majors who wish to declare a minor in Economics, Management Information Systems, or Operations & Supply Chain Management. Students must meet all prerequisite requirements on this form. Current business majors can declare a business minor by contacting their Academic and Career Coach.