Student Managed Investment Fund

Student Management Investment Fund

The Student Managed Investment Fund is a two-semester sequence of courses whereby a select group of students manage a live portfolio, which is made possible by a grant from the University Endowment Fund. 

Students enrolled in this course receive credit for six hours. The students selected to manage the fund are entirely responsible for the investment decisions involving the composition of the portfolio. Student Managers establish the stock selection criteria, research the prospective stocks, generate reports, make decisions to invest or liquidate, and execute the trades. Student Managers also play an integral role in interviewing, evaluating and recommending the students that will manage the portfolio the following year. The faculty advisor serves in a fiduciary capacity to ensure proper due diligence in undertaken with regards to investment decisions. 

This experiential learning program is ideally suited for all students who are planning to embark on a career in research or money management. Prerequisites for the course are Investments (FINN 3222/MBAD 6153) and Financial Management (FINN 3120/MBAD 6152).

For more information, contact:

Dr. Yufeng Han
Professor of Finance

Contact Information

Department phone 704-687-5375

Advising phone 704-687-7585

Fax 704-687-1384

Department Chair:
Dr. I-Hsuan Ethan Chiang

Department Coordinator:
Anye'a Pinnock

Academic Advisor:
Ms. Kim Lawrence